Services/Business Areas

Consulting and Project Development

We develop selected projects, focusing mainly in Wind Farms and High Voltage Substations, from Greenfield up to Ready to Build status. Our excellent knowledge of the applicable legislation and of every step of the licensing process as well as by familiar with the challenges of the Greek market, ensures the fast and sound maturing of each project.

Paralos Energy has already signed frame agreements with several of the major energy producers operating in the Greek market for co-developing a pipe-line of more than 400MW of Wind Energy Projects.

Project Development and Consulting services:

  • Front-end engineering design and optimization
  • Deep knowledge of licensing steps, procedures and applicable law
  • Wind Energy Assessments
  • Projects’ optimization and relicensing
  • Environmental licensing
  • Interconnection design
  • Wind Turbines micro-sitting
  • Representation to local authorities
  • Tender process support
  • Budget estimations