Services/Business Areas

High and Medium Voltage Transmission Lines

The continuously increasing share of the Renewable energy to the global energy mix requires the upgrade and extension of the energy infrastructure and networks. We design and construct all types of High and Medium Voltage Transmission Lines using specialized personnel, state of the art equipment and even helicopters in cases of inaccessible areas.

Transmission Line Services:

  • Detailed Design and Engineering
  • Licensing and permitting procedures (including all interface / procedures for IPTO approvals)
  • Cost effective selection, specification and procurement of top-quality material and equipment
  • Civil works (access roads, platforms, foundations)
  • Erection of towers / Stringing works (use of helicopter in case of inaccessible areas)
  • Testing / Commissioning (complete set of commissioning equipment available)
  • Start up and project hand over to the O&M team