The Balance of Plant works for Wind Farm projects on an EPC basis (Engineering / Procurement / Construction) requires expertise in different disciplines such as civil, mechanical, electrical & communication engineering which Paralos Energy has gained through years of field experience.

Each project and each Client are unique and have special demands. Working with several multinational Customers we have gained experience in developing management systems which can be adoptable and comply with the strictest requirements in terms of Quality, Health and Safety and Environmental management.

Wind Farms services:

  • Investment evaluation and technical audits
  • Project development / licensing
  • Detailed Design and Engineering
  • Cost effective selection, specification and procurement of top-quality material and equipment
  • Civil works (access roads, platforms, WTG foundations, cable trenches etc)
  • Medium voltage internal network
  • Interconnection works (transmission lines, electrical Substations)
  • Wind Turbines transportation, handling and erection
  • SCADA / HMI systems
  • Testing / Commissioning (complete set of commissioning equipment available)
  • Start up and project hand over to the O&M team