Services/Business Areas

High Voltage Substations

The Construction of High Voltage Electrical Substations (Air Insulated and GIS) on an EPC basis is our core business. The reliable and uninterrupted operation of the High Voltage Substation is essential for every large-scale energy project. Our highest level of expertise, combined with state of the art equipment and the most efficient maintenance services, ensures the Substation’s maximum reliability for the investment’s lifetime.

Substation services:

  • Detailed Design and Engineering
  • Licensing and permitting procedures (including all interface / procedures for IPTO approvals)
  • Cost effective selection, specification and procurement of top-quality equipment
  • Civil works (switchyard, equipment foundations, control building etc)
  • Erection of equipment and Electrical works
  • SCADA / HMI systems
  • Testing / Commissioning (complete set of commissioning equipment available)
  • Start up and project hand over to the O&M team