Paralos Energy as Employer

Being a good employer means creating a culture where employees feel valued and want to help you succeed. In Paralos Energy we believe that our biggest asset is our people and therefore we protect them by:

  • Promoting open and honest communications.
  • Being flexible, working towards work-life balance as our employees juggle their careers and their family lifes.
  • Being dedicated team builders.
  • Focusing on constantly improving our communication skills
  • Fostering a great employee experience.

Working for us

Opportunity for Growth

At Paralos Energy we encourage our team to continue develop their skills and careers. We offer performance development planning, career paths, and internal and external training opportunities that help our team expand their skills.

Equal Opportunities and Diversity

At Paralos Energy we offer the same opportunities to everyone. We embrace diversity, actively seek inclusion and create an environment that promotes the individual qualities of every employee in the interest of our company. We support the increasing engagement of women in the construction sector and proudly achieved a 50% women-men ratio for our office team.

Occupational health & safety

At Paralos Energy health & safety is an essential part of our corporate values, internal monitoring systems and risk management plan. Beyond specific market requirements, we are guided at all times by continuous improvement, and we apply an integrated health and safety, environment and quality management policy.