Paralos Energy Logit

Οur Digital Maintenace Platform

A customizable digital solution that helps us improve our Clients’ asset management and maintenance.

During the last decade the world experiences a rapid digital transformation through the integration of digital technologies in most business areas. Paralos Energy always striving to upgrade the level of services provided to our Clients, is joining this evolution by turning from the traditional maintenance services to a fully digital maintenance management.

Paralos Energy introduces the Digital Maintenance Platform called Paralos Logit.

The Paralos Logit helps planning, tracking, reporting and optimizing everything related to maintenance on a digital platform. With this digital tool Paralos Energy is aiming to:

  • Increase safety

The Digital Platform improves safety by presetting safety standards and procedures thus preventing accidents and failures and making tasks safer for the operator.

  • Enhance productivity

The software allows technicians to access real-time information, check inventory and go through maintenance history while working at the asset. This increases efficiency and productivity as the work is done faster and with higher efficiency.

  • Eliminate paperwork

Users relying on the solution can do away with unnecessary paperwork because it’s set up to capture information automatically. Maintenance personnel can view all information related to work orders directly from their computers or mobile devices.

  • Real time monitoring

Clients and asset owners are informed real-time about the maintenance status of each component of their assets, as the maintenance information is generated automatically to the Digital Platform. Preventive, predictive and corrective reports are also extracted when requested by the Client.

Key Features:

  • Planning and management of preventive maintenance
  • Reporting and management of reactive/corrective works
  • Spare parts management (including stock levels)
  • Staff performance information
  • Mobile interface for efficient execution
  • Reporting tools
  • ERP integration
  • Smart sensors connectivity

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