Paralos Energy Live News

Paralos Energy signs new Agreement with Hellenic Petroleum subsidiary “HELPE Renewables” for the development of a 150MW Wind Farm in North Greece


After the successful Agreement back in 2019 for the development of four (4) Wind Farms of 70MW total power in the prefecture of Viotia, Greece, Paralos Energy and HELPE Renewables signed a new Agreement for the development of another 150MW Wind Farm located at North Greece.

As in the previous Agreement, the scope of works for Paralos Energy is to propose the location, design and develop the Project considering critical factors such as the Wind’s characteristics, the construction peculiarities, the interconnection feasibility and others. Paralos Energy expertise in Wind Farms construction and High Voltage interconnection works, minimizes the development risks and ensures a proper and feasible implementation design.

The Project’s development is expected to mature and reach RtB (Ready to Build) status in early 2023.